Which Spray Foam Insulation to Use?

Open-cell vs. Closed-cell

Twelve years ago little was known about spray foam insulation in Ireland and the UK. Since then products have evolved and more manufacturers are available. Differences between the qualities of products then varied considerably however today all spray foam products are subject to stringent testing and accreditation procedures in order to be used in the market place. All of the accredited and EU, Irl and UK certified manufacturers provide high quality spray foam insulation not alone complying to application but also health and environmental requirements.Spray Foam Installers / Providers vary significant in terms of quality, performance, cost and reliability. It is critically important to ensure that your installer fully understands the specific needs on the project, the requirements of the customer and is experienced in the spraying process.


There are many spray foam manufacturers in the Irish and UK markets all certified to EU, Irish and UK requirements. They provide two main types of spray insulation raw material more often referred to as Open Cell and Closed Cell Insulation. There are also some generics of these i.e. semi closed or semi open however open cell and closed cell are the two main products used in practice. There are minor variations in the products however prices vary considerably depending on the product and spray insulation provider.

 Foam Insulation

There are many benefits to using our injection foam insulation solution for both the domestic  home insulation and commercial building.

By injecting the foam into the required insulation area it fills all the little cracks powerfully. It has a major advantage over pumped insulation and provides greater insulation. Due to it’s air tightness abilities, it keeps the home much warmer when applied using our injection method.

Injection foam lasts the test of time very well. It does not rot over time and will not sag as it adheres to the surface very well. It releases no harmful gases or particles that may damage health or the environment.