Applications U-Value

Application-U Value

What Supreme Foam Offers

Warmer HomeWarmer Home

Eliminate Burst PipesEliminate Burst Pipes

Eco-Friendly HouseEco-Friendly House

Lower Energy CostLower Energy Cost

Longer Lasting InsulationLonger Lasting Insulation

Strenghten Home StructureStrengthen Home Structure

Ireland Spray Foam Staff Insulation Wall

Supreme Foam Spray Technical Specification

Structures and U-Values

  • Timber Frame New Construction Wall
  • Existing & New Pitched Ceiling Level Insulation
  • Existing & New Pitched Ceilings Warm Roof
  • Existing & New Ceiling Level Insulation
  • Flat Roofs Pitched 15 Degrees or Less
  • Suspended Timber Floor
  • Stone Wall Timber stud
  • Hollow Block Wall Timber Stud
  • Cavity wall dry-lining Timber Stud
  • Mass Concrete Dry-lining Timber Stud

U-Value Table

Spraying with 12mm Slab

  • Rafters
  • Joists
  • Studs
  • Cladding

Spraying with 50mm Slab

  • Rafters
  • Joists
  • Studs

What is P0C 500?

P0C 500 is a open cell breathable soft spray foam insulation. It is designed specifically for use in domestic structures. It has the highest bio-renewable contents of any other spray foam on the market today.

P0C 500 Insulation

P0C 500 Application

Application Areas

1. Attic and Loft Insulation

2. Dormer and Attic Conversion Insulation

3. Dry Lining

4. Suspended Floor Insulation

5. Noise Reduction/Acoustics

6. Improving Air-Tighness

7. Timber Frame Insulation




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