About Us

About Us our accomplishment and spray foam installations.

Denis Breen, Managing Director of Supreme Foam Insulation (SFI) has more than 10 years practical experience in spray foam application. SFI is a company based in Rathmore, County Kerry with operation points in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Mayo and London.

Denis was amongst the first three Irish pioneers of Spray Foam Insulation in Ireland in 2004. Denis undertook research and training in the US, Germany and Ireland in spray application techniques, insulation systems and advanced thermal imaging for walls and other hard to see area’s of your home.

Note from the Managing Director:

“Spray foam has evolved from an initial high cost advanced technological insulation solution for buildings to a widely used, cost effective solution with guaranteed results, superior quality and long term reliability.

Experience and customer feedback has taught me the importance of properly determining the insulation requirements of each building in advance of spraying. Application has to be focused and not just generally applied as many providers practice presently. The price per square metre when applied by prescriptive method is far cheaper than general application.

What has been surprising is the general public view that spray foam insulation is simply for domestic house roofs. This in reality is quite far from the reality. In recent years I have sprayed for noise insulation for sound studios, water insulation for houses susceptible to flooding, agricultural buildings (livestock and cereals), old natural stone buildings and building restoration works, boats, containers, tourism and recreation buildings, city dwellings with poor roof structures (structural enhancement, insulation and water proofing) and community / civic centres.

Feedback has been positive on performance, how quickly the house heats up, the retained heat (without  drafts) and the most commonly, how heating bills have dropped.

I invite you to learn more and obtain an assessment. Quotations are free”.