Some Respiratory benefits of Spray Foam

Spray Foam insulation is much cleaner and better way forward than traditional forms of insulation i.e. fibreglass insulation can irritate the eyes, skin and the respiratory system.

Fibreglass insulation should not be left exposed in occupied areas. Spray foam has no airborne fibers, particles or vapors once dry. It can be used anywhere either older renovated houses or new extensions or for a money saving option in Attic Insulation’s it saves money on heating and ultamitely saves the environment in Ireland.

  • Spray foam can save you money! – Spray foam decreases utility bills as it improves the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Add’s strength and increases structural stability on older houses –  It adds up to 300%.
  • Spray foam creates a perfect seal – Spray foam reduces heat loss drastically be used anywhere, as it expands to meet the environment.
  • It improves indoor air quality – It creates a perfect seal, prohibiting external pollutants and particles.
  • It increases the U-Values of your home – It makes your home more energy efficient, fire resistant and environmentally friendly.
  • It is not affected by heat or moisture – Once our spray foam hardens, it is not affected by heat or moisture, not allowing fluid to pass through.
  • It is naturally fire resistant.
  • It acts like a sound proofing and keeps noise down – Spray foam naturally absorbs sound vibrations. It can reduce external noise or the noise caused by internal machinery or noisy neighbours.