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Closed-Cell vs. Open-Cell

Spray Foam Insulation: Closed-Cell vs. Open-Cell   What’s the Difference – Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams The importance of distinguishing between the two types of spray polyurethane foam cannot be understated. When it comes time to insulate a home or commercial building, you must opt for open-cell foam or closed-cell foam, or a specific…

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Supreme Soundproofing with Spray Foam

Soundproof Systems

Spray Foam Soundproofing Systems and Airtight Systems Qualities Spray foam expands to fill all cracks and crevices. This ensures an airtight system is in place. The Airtight Insulation Solution Reduce Air Leakage Air leakage is a common problem that results in higher heating and cooling costs for some property owners. Spray foam insulation application helps…

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POC 500 Spray Foam installers in Kerry Cork Limerick

Open Cell Spray Foams

POC 500 – Open cell spray foam We use a POC 500 is an open cell spray foam from Ekovision is a breathable spray foam insulation. It has many applications in household and commercial structures where a breathable insulation is required. Advantages of POC 500 The many advantages over other spray foams and traditional insulation…

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